Hey guys!

So I thought I would write in English since Celina(i know you are reading this!) would really appreciate it. Haha!!

Tuesday, we had our first soccer game and it went really well!! We won by 2-0 and i scored the first goal! I play mid center and yeah I think I did a pretty good since I haven't played soccer for like 2 years. I could have done 2 goals but I passed it to my friend because i knew that she wanted to score.. but yeah she missed it.. haha but yeah it was fun! During the game the ref came up to me and said " I like your intensity but you have to keep your words down and stop calling people bad words" and I was like hahah whooot?? I didn't say anything (well maybe in swedish) but then he came back and said he went to the wrong girl.. haha i thought that was kinda funny.

Yesterday right after school I went to Wichita with a friend.. we went to look for some jewelries for prom! I also found a pair of sunglasses.. YO! We also went to a bookstore/coffe shop to meet Elli and her cousin. At 7 we went to church (woho starting to really get into that) haha jk but.. There's a big difference between a swedish church and an american church. There were so many people!! There were bands and a lot of cool stuff!

Today is thursday and I went running this morning with celina.. felt really good! We have a game at 4:30pm and I'm sooo pumped!! haha although we are going to loose =) haha (we are playing against a really good team)

And yeah I've been here for almost 8 months and yeah.. I guess my english has improved, however, It's not even close to perfect. Hahaa I guess it's pretty basic..

This weekend is going to be awesome!! I'm really looking forward to Prom and After Prom!! I got my dress yesterday! Now I just need to get a spray tan because I'm sooo white!! hahah

I have Biology in 10 minutes.. time to dissect the cat again. Ew.. I'm really getting sick of it, especially the SMELL!!. Can you imagine the smell of a dead cat that has been in the classroom for like 2 weeks..??

Picture of Danielle and I.. haha I know I look like a retard...and our uniforms are soo ugly!! we are getting new ones next week.. thank god.


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